lavender sachet

I wanted to make a lavender-filled sachet as a small gift for a friend but didn’t want to just do a plain old square or rectangular shaped one. (Why would I do something the easy way when I can complicate it instead?!) After discarding two sachets made from an internet pattern which made aligning and positioning the bird embroidery a problem, I devised a pattern of my own. I’d love to be able to tell you that this little pyramid smells wonderful but as this was a prototype for my pattern, it’s currently filled only with rice. (I actually don’t have any lavender but it’s now on my ‘to buy’ list for my next retail therapy day which happens to be tomorrow.) The cord is about twenty thicknesses of the same thread used for the free-motion embroidery and construction, crocheted into a length of simple chain. I can think of all sorts of embroidery ideas for these so there might be a few more on the horizon.




Sunday stitches

The tissue holders are now made and I prefer the one with the children on it. I used sew-in interfacing on the blue fabric and lined it with quilting cotton which has given it a little more substance than the birdy one. The birdy version was lined with more of the outer fabric and is much softer. The pouch itself seems a little baggy but if I’d made it any smaller it might have been difficult to put the tissues into it. Because I hadn’t measured exactly where to place the children (duh!), they didn’t match up equally to the edge when folded in so I made that one as an open pouch but I think it’s much better and it shows off the lining nicely.




The floral panel was made to liven up the front of an otherwise extremely boring lightweight canvas shopper. I ironed freezer paper onto polycotton fabric then cut them to A4 size before printing the design in greyscale. I stitched it to a larger piece of identical fabric so that there would always be fabric in the hoop as I moved it around when free-motion embroidering. Trimmed to size when finished and edged with some satin ribbon. Something to do on a wet and windy Easter Sunday!


another detour!

I had my cup of tea but didn’t made the tissue holder. I did cut out the lining though and then decided to stitch on that too so I guess I’ll have to make two tissue holders tomorrow.


muzzled parrot

I’ve spent more time free-motion machine embroidering today and my machine behaved itself beautifully. Dropping the feed dogs on the machine is usually recommended for free-motion stitching but I seem to have fewer problems if I leave the feed dogs up which is what I did here. The fabric is very thin poly-cotton fabric and I didn’t bother to back it with anything, just put a single layer in a flexible hoop before I began sewing. The parrot wearing the muzzle was a test piece and measures approximately 6 x 10 cm. I didn’t intend to stitch a muzzle but that’s what it looks like to me! The birds on the branches will face each other when this piece is made into a tissue holder which is what I plan to sew after my next cup of tea!




There are several things that I ought to be sewing/finishing this week but I took a small detour yesterday to do these birdy bits instead because I haven’t done any free-motion embroidery for a while and I had withdrawal symptoms.

The first one was made into a pocket tissue holder but I’m not happy with the finished product so I’ll cut it up and do something else with it. The caged bird is 6 x 5cm. The bird on the felt scrap is 3cm from tail-tip to beak and I like it best of all. Perhaps he’ll be made into a brooch. Perhaps he’ll just end up in the folder with all the other bits and pieces I sew. All free-motion machine embroidered.





distance provides a solution

Distance in more ways than one provided the stumpwork solution. I did begin another embroidery project last night so that was distance of one kind from the problem and this morning while bemoaning to Big Sis that I couldn’t figure out how to finish Beryl’s friend, a solution came to me, so here’s Doris, having had a shampoo and set and now trying to look all poshed up in her pearls:



On Tuesday I’d finished sewing another stumpwork face but several attempts at dressing the neckline have all been discarded so it’s been put to one side until I get a lightbulb moment.

On Wednesday from the library in town I borrowed 4000 Flower and Plant Motifs, A Sourcebook, by Graham Leslie McCallum. Yeah, yeah, I know I recently most vehemently stated that it would be a long long time before I embroidered any more plants, flowers, or leaves but I had to be busy with something stitchy while I mull over the stumpwork glitch so here’s an interpretation of a Chinese tree illustrated in the book. The ground fabric is a scrap of furnishing fabric, rather than calico which is my usual fabric of choice.

Of course, I’m now in the same place I was before I started this tree but I expect that I’ll begin and finish a few more pieces yet before I solve my stumpwork dilemma.DSCF4087



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