scent-free garden

I’ve been making these flowers since yesterday and plan to make more but floral arrangements are few and far between in this household so a trip to the local charity shops might be in order to find a suitable container together with a book on flower arranging!


another pot

Instead of sewing anything new last week, I framed a few existing pieces and hung them on the loo walls like a mini gallery exhibition. I plan to hang more but I’m not sure what JP will think when there are more stitchy pieces visible than walls!


I made this pot yesterday. As usual, I didn’t really have a plan of action when I started and I got fed up just going round and round so I had a ‘what if I try ….’ episode and this twirly top was the result. Several times my sewing machine protested loudly and then ‘shut down for safety’ but I hand-cranked the needle until it decided to play again. We’re still friends.


Hallowe’en mobile

One of my favourite blogs is and a recent post there was about little green cushions which I thought would make lovely Christmas decorations.  Today however, I made a few cushions with a Hallowe’en theme. The cushion sides were stitched together with Buttonhole stitch – a lovely stitch to use while I caught up with several episodes of Saving Hope since it doesn’t involve too much concentration. The stitch that is.


twa dugs

Big Sis was quite taken with the little dog I made a few months ago and yesterday coerced me into making one for her. This afternoon I was arm-twisted into making another for my niece. I had to hurry to take their photograph before they were packed away for the journey to Scotland tomorrow. Meet Dougal (left) and McTavish.


a fair exchange

In exchange for a batch or two of scones to be made this afternoon by Big Sis, I agreed to make a heart for the Tin Man outfit that her daughter will be wearing at a party this weekend. Too bad that I can’t eat the scones!



I added some more colour to this little landscape by way of flowers. I tried sewing a mouse but it was too small to be recognisable and a snail just looked like a bunch of threads being unravelled. The spider at least looks like a spider, albeit short of a leg or four.



I forgot until now that I hadn’t posted this latest piece of whimsy made instead of a standard ‘welcome-to-your-new-home’ greetings card because I couldn’t find one of those that I liked.  Fortunately, the actual house is in better condition than this embroidered one.



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