distraction over

My period of distraction has morphed into this dog-walking plant-carrying lady. She stands about seven inches tall. I think the dog looks happy at the prospect of a walk as long as the lady disposes of the plant before they set off.

dog walker

dog walker


It’s been a strange couple of days stitchingwise. Having been all enthusiastic over the stumpwork portraits, I suddenly find myself unwilling to begin another just yet and can’t figure out why but with fingers twitching to do something, yesterday I began making a little doll based on Salley Mavor’s Felt Wee Folk. I am only using her methods as a jumping-off point so my version will be bigger (and less professional) but embroidering the jacket yesterday kept me busy for a while and was relaxing to do. If I finish this little person and she looks half decent, I’ll post more photos.

distraction doll

I found these Crafter’s Commandments yesterday on the side bar of this blog during an internet trawl.


I had not come across these before and I have to admit to being particularly guilty of number 11! What about you?

Flickr problem

I got the ‘welcome’ email from Stitchin’ Fingers and I’ve been diving in and out of the site all morning, setting up my own page as crunchnrustle, joining the stumpwork and machine embroidery groups, and having a thorough look around. To save bandwidth, they suggest that you link a Flickr account which also means no upload limit. I duly set up a Flickr account went back to Stitchin’ Fingers, and a few mouse clicks should have enabled a link between the two but for some reason, instead of being taken to Flickr to begin downloading, all I got was a line of code error which I don’t understand and have no idea what to do about it. I’ve tried logging in and out of both accounts, restarting my computer, updating Firefox, clearing caches, and anything else I could think of but I get the same error each time and I can’t find anything on the Stitchin’ Fingers site about this so maybe it’s just me!  I have asked for help from SF by way of a discussion but it’s soooooo frustrating meantime. I was able to upload five photos – the maximum daily allowance using their direct upload method but then the Flickr option was suddenly no longer available – hopefully not for good but if I continue to get errors it won’t matter anyway!


joining a group

I don’t have friends in my area who embroider and the only embroidery group locally is a branch of the Embroiderer’s Guild whose membership I talk myself out of applying for at least every other month. I also peruse online sewing communities but have never applied to join any – until this morning, when I took the plunge and applied to join Stitchin’ Fingers which has nearly eight thousand members.

I decided to join because they have a stumpwork group and if you read my blog on a regular basis you’ll know that I’m more than slightly enthusiastic about that form of stitching and whilst the group members seem to favour flora, fauna, and bugs as their subjects I reckon there’s room for little old me and my iffy portraits and whatnot. However…  I have yet to receive an email welcoming me or denying my membership. Fingers crossed for a ‘welcome’ one!


A visit to a charity shop yesterday resulted in the aquisition of this little travel steam iron. I’ve been contemplating buying one for ages and this one seems like brand new!


the redhead

I’ve been working on this little redhead for the past couple of days and I really like everything about her – even her outrageous nose!

redhead portrait

the victorian maid

It took a while but my first (and possibly last) full length stumpwork portrait is finished at last. Had she been a real character, she wouldn’t have been allowed to wear flowers in her hair during a working day but she didn’t start off being a maid and I liked them so they remained. Artistic licence and all that. She measures approximately 10 inches from head to toe. More time and effort were spent on the outfit and accesssories than were spent on the stumpwork face but once I’d decided to make it full length, I had to complete the self imposed challenge. (Click on the image to see it in more detail.)DSCF8103




handy with a broom

I gave myself a week’s respite from the latest stumpwork portrait as I wasn’t happy with the body shaping or the costume but over the weekend I made a hand to wrap around the broom that the lady will hold. The broom was the first thing I made for this latest stumpwork piece and I might finesse it a bit yet.




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