Blog, the first

I’ve always liked making things. Currently I’m attempting to be creative with polymer clay. I couldn’t begin to list the things I’ve made over the years but included would be making dress-making patterns and then the garments, making useful things from wood, upholstering furniture, making jewellery, pottery, knitting, embroidering old travel poster pictures. I’ve probably had a go at most crafts.
I’ve never made anything with a view to selling it although I have sold the occasional piece of jewellery and been asked to do commissioned embroidery (always refused). However, I’ve now decided that I don’t have the storage space to continue to ‘just make things’.  I did think about trying to sell things to my work colleagues but my sons suggested that I could start a blog and sell things that way so that’s where I’m at.
This afternoon I’ve just baked a load of clay stuff and when it’s all glazed and useable, I’ll post photographs – sometime this week hopefully.

I like it when people write to me

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