Sunday, Sunday

Had problems viewing this blog a while back and kindof gave up on it as a result but today I’m not too busy today so decided to have another bash at it and think I’ve sussed it now.

Haven’t done any crafty stuff since last November. Family concerns took up most of December and work has been so hectic since the start of the year that I’ve just been too tired to get involved in the crafty side of life although having been given a mini-greenhouse for the balcony and some chili seeds at Christmas, I couldn’t wait to get started on my balcony garden. It’s now nearly the end of May and I have tomatoes, red peppers, chili peppers, horseradish and various herbs growing in not one but two greenhouses! (Yesterday I noticed little red spiders running around like mad but searching on the Net has not confirmed them to be the dreaded spider mite so I’ll just keep an eye on them for the time being. As long as they don’t invade the flat I won’t mind their existence.)

Earlier this week my Christmas present from number 2 son finally arrived – 10 back copies of Polymer Cafe magazine. I’d given him the list a while back but before he got around to ordering them he lost the list and I hadn’t kept a copy so when we ordered on line (together, just to make sure that it got done!), I took the opportunity to order more than his budget had allowed for, me paying the extra of course. I’m disappointed that there aren’t any dedicated polymer clay magazines from UK publishers and that I have to order them online from the USA to get all the back copies I wanted but perhaps I’m supposed to be grateful that I can buy them at all… Anyway, as a result of the delivery of the magazines, my muse has returned and I am keen to make more poly clay things but I don’t know what! Last year when decorating our Christmas tress, I told myself that I should make new decorations during the summer so perhaps that’s where I’ll start. I also want to make a house number sign so that’s two things to start with before I’m off for some Scottish R&R next week.

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