Yarns Galore

Suzen Millodot’s book on micro macrame jewellery is to blame for my latest crafty venture so I made a trip to my local Hobbycraft store one lunchtime to look for the micro macrame thread  that Ms M suggests but the shop only seemed to stock black, white or cream only which didn’t inspire me at all. I thought I was going to have to resort to buying from the internet (without doing the touchy-feely thing first which I prefer to do) or travel miles to find an old-style wool shop which might or might not sell it but then the store assistant suggested that I take a look at the embroidery yarns….

Here was yarn that I thought might do – hanks of Anchor pearl cotton, one strand, twisted, in lots and lots or yummy colours but which shades to choose? All the blues and pinks that I usually go for? Or should I be more adventurous and try autumn shades with a couple of greens thrown in for good measure? My fingers  skimmed back and forth over the hanks picking one up and putting it back and then trying another. Did the colours complement each other? Did it matter if they didn’t? Finally I was done. I couldn’t wait to get home to start using them but then realised that I didn’t have any beads to go with the glorious warm yellows, summery greens and autumn browns that I’d bought, so of course I had to go to the bead section…

I could make the beads I need of course and probably will, but as any fellow crafter knows, I had to buy beads there and then so that when I started to create something with my new yarns, I’d have everything to hand and because I’m having a little break next week away from home, I didn’t think I had time to make new beads. I was very good though and only bought a couple of small packs of mixed beads to get me started. When I got back to work I wanted to play with my yarn rather than do any work and I wanted to talk to colleagues about my purchases but none of them craft so there wasn’t any point. I looked forward to beginning something that evening but in the end it was few more days before I actually began anything and what did I use?

No, not the newly purchased yarn in shades that I don’t normally use but multi-coloured blue/pink yarn that I bought more than a year ago and beads that I bought more than six years ago! As you can see from the photograph, it’s not quite finished yet and I think the yarn might be a bit rough next to skin so I may just undo it. I am however, making up a small craft pack to take with me on my break next week and it will contain the new yarns and beads! I have all sorts of ideas for things too…

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