Disappointed but undaunted

I’m not finding this new blog site as easy to use as I thought it might be. For example: I wanted to be able to show anyone who reads my blog which blogs I follow but wordpress.com doesn’t give me the option. This is disappointing.  I have come across many a good blog as a result of scanning someone’s ‘where I go’ list. With wordpress.com I have to read comments and then possibly find a blog I like. I did that earlier this morning on  MissPreece and found a lovely one on photography at sarahtakespictures. No doubt there is an easier way and I just haven’t found it yet. One way would be to just create a post for blogs I follow and update it when I add any. That’s the undaunted part of this post – I’ll just keep trying until I’m where I want to be with it all.


I like it when people write to me

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