365 project?

I’ve been finding references to the 365 project on the net from time to time but never taken time to investigate properly. This morning, whilst eating my breakfast before the birds were even awake, I checked it out and discovered that it has been running for a few years now. I think it began as a photography project – take a themed photograph every day for a year (harder than you might think!) and there are thousands of folk now doing it everywhere and it has its own blog  with lots of photography hints too.

As you know, it’s almost impossible to keep to your intended search subject when net surfing and I ended up at a teapot blog which is a weekly project by a photographer who did a 365 project on people in Sheffield. The 52teapots is a teapot a week for a year. If you like teapots or photography, check it out – the photographer is Luke Avery. Another site which I also found this morning is Digital Photography School and I’ll be going there again.

A 365 or a 52 or even a 12 project might be fun to undertake and it needn’t be photographic. It could be on anything – trying a new recipe, going out for dinner once a month or just doing something different every week. Whatever gets chosen needs to be recorded however, it’s not really a project otherwise. I might give it a go (and I can hear my family groaning again) as a way to try and improve my camera skills which was one of the original intentions of the project. Watch this space!

I like it when people write to me

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