The problem with Facebook

The problem I have with Facebook is that once I log on, I spend too long catching up on friends’ activities and checking out their photos and then realise that I’ve been there for an hour or more. When I was there this morning I discovered a youtube advert for Volkswagon called The Dog Strikes Back. I wasn’t bothered about the car – I just love dogs!

When I was in a small park yesterday on a ‘have camera will snap’ session, there was a black and white collie-cross who did nothing but run alongside the fence every time a car passed. Unusually, the dog didn’t bark at the traffic, just kept on running up and down, up and down.

I haven’t attempted many action shots yet and most of those I did take showed a tree trunk with only head or tail of the dog showing. This photo was the best of a very bad bunch. At least the position of his ears proves that he was actually in motion. Action shots are ovbiously a technique for another day but that particular park will be a good place to practice!

One Response to “The problem with Facebook”

  1. Liz Says:

    The problem with FB is you end up finding out too much. I logged on this morning to see Big J with a Marie Antoinette under each arm at the Hong Kong sevens! He looked blissfully happy!

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