Thursday already

How the week has flown and I haven’t really done much. On Tuesday I took a stroll into town to buy new camera batteries and a few other bits and pieces. Unfortunately, I didn’t take the camera with me so I missed a few photo opportunities but I did take this one with my phone camera and was surprised at the clarity and detail and even more surprised that it doesn’t appear to have any signs of camera shake.

I’m at day seven on my ‘photo a day’ project and I bought a lovely book by Michael Freeman called The Photographer’s Eye to help me with composition. I hadn’t yet read any of the book when I took this one of the buddha. Mr F would no doubt have suggested that I had taken time to plan my composition but I liked the shadow and was mainly just testing shots without using the camera’s Auto setting. That’s my excuse anyway!

I have spent many hours this week surfing the net for information on photography, hoping that I’ll find that one remarkable site that will explain it all to me in plain language and that I can then effortlessly put into practice what I’ve read but I’m not that naive. I’m sure that some things are already sinking in but the problem might be when I try to bring those things to the surface…

Yesterday I had a lovely day of pure retail therapy and catching up with my friend S and cameras didn’t even get a brief mention. I had been prepared to walk home when I got off the train but 1st son was waiting with the car. This was extremely welcome as S and I had taken turns at lugging a weighty mixing bowl around all day and I still wasn’t sure I’d manage to get it home in one piece. Besides, my tired feet did not relish the walk home. The bowl was a bargain from TK Maxx that I knew a friend would be delighted with so I just had to buy it when I saw it early in the day. It got even better when we arrived home to find that dinner was in the process of being dished up by JP and to top it all, I didn’t have to do the clearing up or dishwashing later. (To be honest, I don’t often do the washing up – as there are generally at least two dishwashers in the house at dinner time – a son and a machine!)

Today I have had a very lazy day indeed. I didn’t get up until gone seven this morning (late for me) and apart from sowing some spring onion seeds which came in their own pot, a process that took all of five minutes, I have been surfing the net yet again looking at all manner of things and talking on the phone to big sis about her new mobile phone. She will have no excuse not to take photos of her forthcoming holiday, even if she forgets to take her camera when she’s out and about! Get practising sis!

I like it when people write to me

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