hell and chickens

I’ve been checking out photography websites for hints, tips and techniques for hours at a stretch this week so when I went out yesterday morning, I took my camera with me but although I noted several possible photo opportunities, I told myself that I’d get them on the way home as I didn’t have time to stop just then. Of course, I then went home a different way so those earlier opportunities were missed. In the end, I didn’t take any photos yesterday at all so already my good intention to take at least one photo each day has fallen by the wayside. My grandmother was fond of saying ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions” and she may well be right but if I don’t believe in hell, does that let me off the hook?

Today I am off out to buy a few fresh herb plants. JP and I went to a local farm shop yesterday but they didn’t sell any. They were however, selling lemons at 10 pence each because they were “going a bit soft now” according to the assistant, but I can’t say that I noticed any difference from those I normally buy. The apples I bought there were really cheap too but that was only because the assistant mis-weighed them or mis-keyed a digit on the till and I didn’t realise that until I checked the bill at home.

We bought yet another brand of free range chicken and hope that it is truly that but what’s happened to giblets these days? I bought a chicken recently which had a label on the packaging which quite clearly stated “giblets included” but when I removed the bird from its outer wrapping, I saw that the original bag had been cut open and there were no giblets!  If the shopkeeper had removed the “giblets included” label as well, I’d never have known what I was missing. Woe betide him if I ever go back there! I save up chicken carcasses to make stock every now and again and giblets add flavour. Additionally, I get a supply of chicken livers to freeze or to fry there and then. One of my little treats. Yum. Until a few months ago, one of JP’s colleagues used to bring him a chicken each week, complete with giblets, but when JP’s office closed, the chicken deliveries stopped and we don’t know where that particular butcher shop is. I have every hope of finding a new supplier of top quality, well cared for, happy-until-they-die chickens that will not involve a twenty mile round trip each week but it hasn’t happened yet.

I like it when people write to me

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