So much blue!

I went out this morning as I said I would, (to get my herbs) and I took my camera. I tried ‘shooting from the hip’ as various tutorials suggest and I have to say, it was fun to do even if I wasn’t brave enough to use any setting other than ‘auto’. Some shots ended up being out of focus and others didn’t show what I thought I was aiming at but on the whole, as an exercise it was encouraging. The best thing about it was being able to look as if I wasn’t actually taking any pictures as I wasn’t looking at the camera when pressing the shutter. I only got a couple of odd looks from passersby but then I haven’t ever seen anyone using a camera whilst carrying two bags of shopping either! I had another epiphany too – in that it doesn’t matter if I continue to use the auto setting for a while longer. The camera didn’t come with a set time limit for learning the complicated stuff.

The more I walked, the more I noticed that there were lots of blue things around me – doors, flowers, shop fronts and plant pots to name a few, so from initially snapping randomly, I started to photograph only things that were blue or had blue in them. I did that for a while and as I continued my leisurely way home, shopping as I went, I changed my subject matter from ‘blue’ to reflections and telephone wires and chimney pots. I was out ‘snapping’ for nearly two hours and I certainly made up for my lack of photography yesterday! These are just a selected few – some of which I cropped for a better composition.

2 Responses to “So much blue!”

  1. Dressing for Breakfast Says:

    With my “Fine Art Photography” educated mind, these are a really nice little group of photos! I like the bottom two especially!

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