the craft photographs

Today’s photographs are of some jewellery that I made at the tail-end of last year. All the pieces apart from the pink floral earrings are made from polymer clay. The poppies were test pieces for the first commission I ever accepted last year. I have loads more bits of jewellery that I’ve made but today I couldn’t be bothered to dig it out of the trunk where I keep a lot of my craft bits and pieces.

One of the reasons for buying a better camera was to take photographs of the jewellery I make and I don’t think these photographs turned out too badly considering that I didn’t use any additional lighting, flash or lightbox. The image sizes do however, show up all the flaws of both my photographic as well as my crafting skills! At some point I intend to make a lightbox and I have some white fabric in my fabric supply bag that might be ideal but am currently lacking a suitable box. Once it’s made I suppose I’ll have to sneakily buy some lamps but I’d never get away with saying “What, these lamps? We’ve had these for aaaages!”

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