it’s raining paint!

In a few hours, the second day of our decorating marathon will begin.

Yesterday, I gloss painted the kitchen and cloakroom woodwork and JP painted the living room ceiling and various other surfaces too.

In the months following the last time that the living room was decorated, I found myself scraping off tiny paint splatters from almost every surface – window sill, television screen, a small corner cabinet and so on. I told JP that I didn’t want to be doing that again and to make sure that everything got covered properly.  With just two breaks for tea and one for lunch, we called it a day just after 4 o’clock and I did a general tidy up so that we could use the living room later.

Despite my earlier requests to have everything covered or removed from the room, I found myself yet again having to scrape emulsion paint splatters from surfaces which he hadn’t bothered to cover (“I wasn’t painting over there!”) such as my laptop cover, his laptop cover, my external keyboard, the corner cabinet, the wooden floor and worst of all – my camera case!! Aaargh!

The keyboard has now been scrubbed to within an inch of its life and is quite possibly the cleanest it has ever been, the paint was easily removed from all the wooden surfaces and the laptops but the camera case spots will be impossible to remove. I could start a new fashion trend I suppose…

Today the walls will be targeted and I will be following in JP’s wake to gloss the skirting board and door. An umbrella might be in order.

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