Decorating – day three, is just about to start but not before JP has caught up with the latest Masters golf scores and the BBC news. We were both up late this morning. The birds were up at least two hours before me and JP only appeared to make tea in the last half hour. I’m not going to say any more about the decorating process in this post because it would be almost identical to everything else I’ve written on how we decorate.

Yesterday I had a retinopathy clinic appointment and I always put on a pair of dark sunglasses when I leave the surgery because my pupils are still dilated from the procedure and normal daylight hurts my eyes. (A bit like it hurts vampires but without the burning flesh.) I got strange looks from one or two people that I passed on the way back home as it wasn’t particularly sunny. The afternoon remained mostly cloudy so I was still able to check out JP’s painting standards without too much difficulty!

On the way to the clinic I took some pictures for my 365 project. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to make out anything close up on the way home for sure. It’s early days in the 365 project but it’s beginning to become a habit to take one or two pictures each day, the next object is to make taking them worth the effort. I am beginning to think about composition a little more now and to think about not using the crop tool afterwards!

This post’s title stands for Good Friday, which is today and GF is how today has been marked on our kitchen calendar. I made and printed the calendar but didn’t bother to indicate public holidays. JP thought it might make me feel good, to be reminded that I had only to work a four day week this week because it’s Easter weekend. Unfortunately, I forgot what the GF stood for and have asked him twice recently what it means. I mean I knew when Easter was, I just couldn’t associate a hand-written GF on the calendar with Good Friday. Duhh!

I like it when people write to me

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