it’s a rant!

So, I sat down with the intention of writing a post but I don’t have a subject in mind. The world is my oyster for post choices but I cannot speak or write expertly on any one subject. I was never an ‘A’ grade pupil. My senior school reports had comments like, ‘Could do better’ and, ‘Needs to talk less and apply herself more.’ On one occasion when I did apply myself more and proudly came home with a 96% pass in a mathematics test, my father said ‘Not bad but what happened to the other four percent?’ Happy balloon instantly deflated.

Could I write about Work? No. I try not to think about that except when I’m there and even then…

Hobbies then? Nope. Apart from the daily photo project, I have no other craft projects in hand. Actually, I lie. I have several projects that have been started but not finished and I will finish them, honest! Just not now. I’m saving them for the cold winter nights when I have nothing else to do. No, wait – that’s a lie too! In the winter, I complain that the light at my corner of the table isn’t good enough for working on small things. ‘Get a better light then!’, I hear you shout in an exasperated manner. I could, and have, but JP complains that he can’t watch his television programme for the glare off the screen and so I, the dutiful wife, for the sake of peace and harmony, comply with his request to switch off my arc light and soon after that, pack all my gear away. ‘Well then, do your crafty stuff at the weekends, in the daylight’, you suggest and I do! And then JP looks at me and raises one eyebrow, somehow suggesting by that one simple action that I never do anything other than craft or blog and sometimes that is true but I also do nearly all the laundry, a fair share of the cooking, most of the cleaning, write and send all the Christmas and birthday cards, and a thousand and one other things as well.

I’ve stopped for breath. A deep one. Am I in the middle of a back-handed rant at JP? Possibly. Was it prompted by his asking me yesterday, when he returned from golf, on which day I had last applied any paint to the woodwork or cooked a meal? More than likely. His manner was quite accusative but hang on! It’s alright for him to have two days off to play golf but I’m expected to carry on painting? Yes, I admit that I had said that I might paint but it was only a definite maybe and so what if I spent my two days taking photographs, blogging and generally just ‘chillin’? Did the sky fall down in that time? No. Did the paint in the tins dry out? No. Was that a rant? Definitely. Will I don my painting gear and wield a brush again this weekend? Yes.

Rant over. I feel much better now, thank you for asking.


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