we will grow, honest!

I’m too tired to post much today. We’ve not long cleaned up after completing the painting of our bedroom. My back is aching and I am thoroughly sick of scrubbing gloss paint from my hands. We are having a day of rest tomorrow. I am quite excited about spending the day with a friend I haven’t seen for months and we intend to talk a lot and take a lot of photographs although not necessarily at the same time.


The first of the many seeds so lovingly sewn by first son and his partner a few weeks ago have sprouted since the weekend so loud woops and a round of applause would be in order here if you don’t mind. It seemed that we would never see any signs of life but mother nature proved us wrong as usual in spite of the recent lack of warmth and sun. Apologies for the poor photographs of the parsley and peppers but the seedlings are extremely small!

I like it when people write to me

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