Spam. Not the kind that comes in a tin but the kind that arrives alongside that newsy email from a friend or into your blog.


The spam that my WordPress blog receives is hived off and I can then decide whether it’s spam or not but therein lies my problem. How do I decide what might be a genuine comment or question which then deserves a reply? By hovering my mouse over a spam address, I can get a preview screenshot of a website. This action confirms that most of the spam I’ve received so far is just advertising for things I would never want to buy but what of the others? How can I spot the genuine? Are any of them genuine? By accepting all as spam, have I missed out on possible followers?

I admit that I haven’t received a vast amount of blogger spam. In the month or so that I’ve been blogging I’ve only received fourteen to date but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. If I open the ones that I think might be genuine, will I then receive a future deluge of spam from even more sources? Askimet is doing a great job so far (thank you!) and I haven’t been brave enough to change anything to ‘not spam’ even just out of curiosity, but I admit that I am tempted at times.

How do you deal with blogger spam?

I like it when people write to me

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