a wet day out

Yesterday’s plan to take photographs when L and I were not chatting was a half-baked one from the outset. Although we’d had vague ideas beforehand on what we might shoot, we hadn’t  actually narrowed those ideas down to anything in particular, nor decided where our photo shoot would take place except ‘London’. To cap it all, the weather conspired against us by raining for most of the day and we had no contingency plan for that. After a coffee and a catch-up chat in a local café, we walked to Hyde Park and had only gotten as far as consulting a park map a hundred or so yards into the park when yet another shower began. I did try to focus the camera and press the shutter with one hand whilst holding a brolly overhead with my other hand but it was impossible and I have enough bad hair days so the brolly won the contest.
L then suggested a visit to the Royal Academy, a place I had never been to before.  An exhibition of works by Johann Zoffany kept us enthralled for an hour or so. After the first few pictures, I admitted total ignorance of this artist. I have no doubt seen some of his work in publications but I did not recognise his name. I am now a fan. I was especially taken with the expressive faces of his subjects – they look so natural, with a story to tell, unlike most of those I’ve seen in the past. Unfortunately, a look at Zoffany’s work via Google Images is fairly disappointing. His pictures are much better seen close to.
The menu prices at the RA were a little steep for us so we went elsewhere for lunch and more catch-up chat but all too soon it was time to think about trains and homeward journeys.
We each took only a few photographs yesterday and most of mine were absolute rubbish, fit only for binning but I won’t delete them just yet because they’ll remind me of a lovely day out. L and I have promised each other that we will be more organised the next time and will have options for fair weather or foul.
If you’re reading this L, thanks for yesterday. Although we haven’t known each other for very long, I feel as if we’ve been friends for years. I had fun and look forward to our next outing. How about the zoo?

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