not the London Marathon

Another London Marathon over and I didn’t even come close to winning. Curses. What’s that? I actually have to be in London to take part? No wonder I didn’t win then.


As I sit here cobbling this post together, I feel as if I have run a marathon. My back aches, my neck aches, my wrist aches, even my left ankle aches and I know that my muscles will be stiff tomorrow but I’m glad to say that the end results do justify the discomfort and pain somewhat. It’s all looking good and by this time tomorrow, the task we set ourselves a few weeks ago to paint the whole house will be completed. I have only to gloss three sides of doors and several feet of skirting board and when that’s done and the brushes are cleaned yet again, I will be happy not to have to look at a paint tin for many months. I wish it could be years ahead but I know that JP and I will once more buy emulsion to bring our sons’ bedrooms up to the same standard of freshness that currently pervades the rest of the house. (They are each in the process of leaving home. For good allegedly but we heard that said before…)


I did come up with a few good ideas during this particular painting lark. Feel free to try any or all of them but don’t hold me responsible if they don’t work for you!

1. Takeaway food trays (UK plastic variety) make fairly good scoops to easily decant paint from a large paint tub to a roller tray.

2. The lids of the plastic boxes that laundry detergent ‘bubbles’ come in can be cut into a rectangular shape and used to keep the paint off the carpet when you’re painting the skirting board. Wipe it clean every so often to avoid brush ‘drag’ drips. This kind of lid is better than a takeaway one as they are generally flat with no raised parts in the middle.

3. An old credit card or similar (see 2. above)  is really good for scraping excess paint from rollers and brushes and cuts the cleaning time dramatically. Use it at the start of your normal cleaning routine.


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