everything comes to she who waits

All my life I’ve been ‘crafty’ but I’ve never had a work-room. When I was growing up, I used a corner of my bedroom or as now, a small portion of the dining table and once I even used a small cupboard but I’ve never had a whole room that I could dedicate to all my craft interests. Until now that is. I’ve often thought how lovely it would be not have to put the current project away so that dinner could be eaten and soon I’ll be able to find out!


Soon I will have a craft room of my very own. Yaaaay! Where has this work room sprung from? Well, second son moved into his own flat last week and before he changes his mind and comes back here, I announced to the family that I would be taking over his former bedroom as a work room. It will also be used as an occasional guest bedroom but mainly it will be a work room. My work room.

I’ve been trawling the internet for work bench ideas. Should I build a permanent one under the window? Should it be the full width of the room? Would a trestle table suffice? How strong would it need to be? How deep does it need to be? Would I prefer a white or a wooden surface? Would I be better with an office desk and drawers arrangement? So many choices!

Then there’s shelving: most of my craft books are currently stored in our garage so it will be lovely to have them all at hand. Shall I wall-mount the shelves or have stand-alone bookcases? Should the shelves be metal or wooden? How many shelves should I have?

What about drawers? I have several sets of these in different sizes. Should I stack the smaller ones under the table or on the top? What if I put some inside the wardrobe? Do I need more?

A chair – I’ll need a chair of course. A nice swivel one whose height can be adjusted to suit me alone? Hmm. Sounds good. And a lamp. I have a very good crafting lamp which is currently on loan to first son so I’ll get that back.

All these different things are spinning around in my mind and it won’t be long before it’s a reality. Well, having an empty room will soon be the reality. Before I can start on the rest, I have to wait for second son to remove all the gear that he’s left behind. There’s quite a lot of it too. Still, I can start by painting the woodwork and walls and measuring for that work bench…


*                                 *                               *

In the meantime, here are the latest carrot and pepper photographs before they were re-potted today. The weather has been cold and damp for a few weeks and the seeds in the greenhouse have not yet shown their heads above ground. I don’t know what the little white umbrella is – it looks like the start of a mushroom. First son obviously removed it from the pepper tray as it wasn’t there this morning.

3 Responses to “everything comes to she who waits”

  1. e1aine Says:

    Last year I got a craft room of my own – it was supposed to be daughter’s ex bedroom but she kept coming back. We built a shed finally which I’ve whittled on about no end, but it really is fantastic to have your own space. Enjoy it.

    By the way I opted for a dressing table as a work bench as it had drawer and shelves built in, with extra shelves above, It’s good but I’ve had to entend the work surface due to all my junk.

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