progress of sorts

On Friday last week, JP and I paid a visit to Ikea but as far as JP was concerned, it was to be mainly a browsing expedition. I, on the other hand, was determined not to return home empty-handed but I also knew that the quantity of any flat-pack purchases would need to be restricted due to the size of the car boot.


I had had a particular chair in mind for my soon-to-be workroom but although it looked good online, it wasn’t comfortable to sit on. A quick test of various others found me choosing a sleek black model which was destined to accompany us on the journey home.  At £62.99 the quality might not be good enough for a blue chip company boardroom but I like it, even though I feel as if I should be wearing a power suit when I lean back in it…


Having wandered around Ikea’s table department for quite a while, I decided on a two metre long table top with legs. Yesterday I preferred two small single door cabinets rather than legs. This morning I changed my mind again.  I have two tall four drawer cabinets and if I settle for a shorter length of table top, I might fit one of these set of drawers into the resultant free space and then I might also be able to fit my dressmaker’s dummy in front of the drawers. If that worked, I’d revert to having legs on one side instead of a cabinet. Still with me? In my mind’s eye this will work and it won’t look crowded but considering that on the working surface at any one time could be a laptop, a printer, a television, a worklamp, a radio and whatever project I’m working on, the reality will be much much different. Something second son said the other week gave me the idea of a doughnut-shaped work surface/table. Picture me sitting in my executive’s chair in the hole in the middle and everything to hand as I swivel round. I just need a bigger room or a bigger house. Could be time for a session with Google Sketchup again.

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