Work? What’s that then?

Since my last post I have retired from the work rat-race. Yesterday was my last day and even that was only a half day because I had so much flexi credit to use. I was delighted that my desk hadn’t been decorated or a helium balloon bought. (I had warned them that if they bought a balloon I would not take it home on the bus!) I took time to clear out my email and documents folders – that was fun, knowing that I’d never need them again, and apart from taking a last turn at helping to open the office mail, I did nothing else except have farewell chats, reciprocate hugs, unwrap the sausage rolls and apple turnovers I’d made, say thanks for the Amazon vouchers, earrings, and flowers that were my leaving gifts and then hot-foot it out of the door at 1200 for the last time with a huge grin on my face.


JP is officially made redundant as from next Monday so we had a joint retirement dinner last night with the boys and their partners. We had the biggest Chinese takeaway ever. It was so expensive that less than five minutes after JP had pressed the submit button, the restaurant rang to confirm the quantities he’d ordered! A couple of hours later we’d all eaten more than we should have and drunk the four bottles of excellent chilled champagne which JP had bought earlier in the day. It was a lovely way to start the next phase of our lives. And that’s it then. We are free of the shackles of paid employment. Hurrah!


My studio is taking shape: yesterday the work bench top was supposed to have been delivered but wasn’t, so hopefully it will come today. Next week I will be ordering the little sofa bed so that I can have a comfy place to rest my rear while I watch films on the small television and DVD player already in place. I’ve made a cork pin board and this week bought a metallic white board too. Honestly, I’m like a kid at Christmas who can’t wait to play with all the toys. Watch this space!

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