A good day

Today has been a good day. Early this morning after JP had left to play golf in the rain, I re-waterproofed a favourite old pair of red ankle boots and then wondered if I could do the same to my MDF work surface by using furniture polish cream (the elbow-grease-required variety) so I tried it on a piece that I use as a drawing board and it doesn’t look too bad. I’m just not sure if I’d rather have a painted surface or a semi-polished one. I think the paint finish will win out as it will tone in with all the other surfaces.
After I was done with the waterproofing and polishing I went for a haircut. Normally I make appointments for after 5pm on my way home from work but now that I’m a lady of leisure…
On the way back from the hairdresser’s I made a note of the opening times of my local picture framing shop. I’ve had two completed pieces of embroidery folded up in a bag for nearly two years waiting for me to take them to be framed. It’s high time they were properly protected after all the hours of work that went into them. I might hang them in what will be the guest bedroom because it doesn’t get the sun until late in the day so the thread colours might fade less noticeably.
After lunch I came into my studio and composed a farewell/thank-you letter to my former work colleagues, many of whom I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to on Wednesday as they work in other offices and only come came to my office occasionally. The letter took a while because I couldn’t decide whether I should include any scathing remarks about management or not. What kept me going back each day (apart from the salary) was not so much the job as the people I worked with (although most of the really good ones have already left for pastures greener). I therefore thought it would be kinder not to reiterate my views on how the office could be better organised and or managed since staff morale is low enough without me adding to their angst so my letter was basically a big thank-you for the laughs I’d shared, the friendships I’d made and of course for the parting gift of Amazon vouchers. I couldn’t resist enclosing a photo of me sitting here at my workbench with a happy relaxed smile on my face. I know that some of my workmates are extremely jealous because they can’t leave too!
After emailing the farewell letter to my friend Mr M for distribution around the office network, I logged on to my Facebook account, brought my profile up to date, (deleting any reference to employment) and then had a look-see at what all my buddies have been up to.
All afternoon whilst I’ve been busy on my laptop, I’ve been listening to music on my I-Pod mini (yes, an actual I-Pod mini, remember those?) and that’s been a lovely trip down memory lane. JP is currently in the kitchen preparing dinner, so like I said at the beginning, today has been a good day, and it isn’t over yet!

2 Responses to “A good day”

  1. Liz Says:

    So glad it is all over and life has started for you. Love your work area. Now that you are are a lady of leisure and my J is home, maybe we could think about a get together. (Without the boys is fine too!)
    Liz x

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