Surfing the Amazon

This morning I went to Maplin’s store to buy a right-angled co-axial TV cable plug and ended up also buying a collapsible photographic studio and a cheap tripod. The latter two I’m hoping that my sons will buy for my birthday next month. I’m sure they won’t mind that I’ll have used them before they’ve even seen them!


The farewell gift vouchers from my office colleagues were what made me surf the Amazon web site this afternoon. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the remote control switch for my particular camera so I turned to the craft side of things instead. Eventually I found what I’ve been meaning to buy for more than a year – Makin’s Professional Clay Extruder plus an additional set of extruder discs. These things are not cheap – but they get rave reviews for being tough, durable and easy on the hands and since I wasn’t actually paying for them myself, I thought, why not? What better way to remember my colleagues of old than with something that I’ll use regularly with pleasure. In my Amazon ‘basket’ I found that I had already added a ‘wire rounder set’ from months ago so that too was included. (In case you’ve never heard of this tool, it’s used for taking the rough edges off the ends of wire.) So, that’s the vouchers all spent and now I just have to wait patiently for the delivery. In the meantime I ought to be designing some stuff or something.

This photo was taken especially for Elaine who thought my workbench was ‘so tidy’ – not today Elaine! My sister reckons that there probably isn’t much point in painting it as I’ll rarely see the surface – she might be right!

I like it when people write to me

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