organising stuff

So, JP thinks that I’ve become a studio hermit already because he hasn’t seen me since last Thursday morning except at meal times. He exaggerates of course (but only slightly). What has kept me busy in my studio? Nothing that I could provide as physical evidence it has to be said. Getting used to it mainly. Shuffling things around into more permanent positions. Storing similar things together rather than according to size and available space. Sorting out and dipping into books and old craft magazines and thinking “ooh! that would be nice to adapt”, but being reluctant to cut out the article/photograph and knowing that once I put the magazines back on the shelf I’ll soon forget what inspired me and where I saw it. Gradually collecting most of my tools and supplies together instead of having them anywhere but where I need them to be. Reading other people’s blogs – mostly fun but sometimes it’s a bit like overhearing a conversation that you knew you shouldn’t have. Listening to music. Watching movies and getting comfy whilst doing so by putting my feet on the desk edge and leaning back (only until my little sofa arrives, promise!). Planning ahead for when I can get the non-craft related things of this week out of the way and actually sit here and do something creative. But wait! I am no longer constrained by the daily routine of paid employment and none of those non-craft related things will take more than three hours max each so I might actually acheive something this week after all! Now, where did I put my pliers?

I like it when people write to me

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