Another weekend is nearly over and another bedroom nearly free. Keys for first son and his partner’s first flat together were handed over yesterday in exchange for a huge amount of money and in the absence of any furniture except a beanbag and a few boxes, it was sleeping bags on the floor last night. A van is hired for Monday to collect and deposit furniture and so the overnighter could have been postponed until tomorrow night but it’s exciting getting the first real home of your own as a couple and had I been in the same position, I might have done the same. JP and I might make mention of the lack of a decent paint job, possible sub-standard electrical wiring, frayed or burned carpeting and grubby ovens – all of which should be replaced, repaired or cleaned by previous tenants or the landlord but we also know that these incidentals can be ignored when you’re taking on your first place. We’ve lived in crummy flats with even worse deficiencies and we didn’t mind (much) because we were young and the housing was secondary to building a home.


Even though what was their home until recently has now been re-classified to that of  ‘their parents’ home’, our sons know that they are free to visit us often and if they invite us we’ll visit them too and that either invite needn’t include a meal. Coffee in town or a pint at the pub might also go down well. We would also love to be kept informed as to how their lives are progressing but we don’t need daily telephone calls or texts or email updates. By the same token we don’t want to have to look on Facebook to find out how they are. We also know that they’ll ask to borrow tools and the car no doubt, from time to time, and I expect that that’ll be OK too as long as they don’t forget that return is the flip side of borrow, the car won’t run on fresh air and insurance costs. Finally, (well, for this post only), there will always be a bed here for all of them, but we don’t want them staying on a  regular basis if they don’t mind – Christmas and the occasional boozy dinner is fine but it’s time now for their old man and me to have the place to ourselves for a while.


2 Responses to “re-classified”

  1. Liz Says:

    WoooooHoooooo child free, you can get up to all sorts now!!

    On a more boring note. Have the new home owners taken photos of all offending marks, stains, holes, frayed wires etc? Handy for later at the return of the deposit….Used to work for a letting agent……..
    L x

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