end of the road

Last week I bought a replacement tumble drier. We bought the now defunk one six years ago and it began throwing tantrums a few weeks back when we loaded it with towels. It would groan and take a long pause before beginning to tumble. At other times all we got was a grumble from the other side of the door and no amount of verbal coaxing or re-pressing of buttons could persuade it to do anything else. Now and then it would tumble as it should, fooling us into thinking we might get a full load of washing dried but then, after ten or twenty minutes, it would emit a very loud high-pitched screech of an alarm, throw its door open and display a flashing error message that wasn’t listed in the manual.


Two bath sheets and two hand towels had obviously become too much for the old dear so we halved the quantity and a few times that did the trick. I had always made sure that all the bits that could be cleaned of fluff and lint were cleaned often, but last week I also dragged it out onto the middle of the kitchen floor and cleaned the filter at the rear (yuk).  I even wiped down its big gaping mouth and throat with vinegar to clean its drum sensors but none of this made the slightest difference.


Nearing its demise, our faithful tumble drier could now do nothing but grumble or scream each time we pressed the ‘on’ switch. We gave it a couple of days complete rest. At the last it did nothing but light up a few display buttons. There was nothing left to do except order a replacement drier. After much internet research and for good or ill, I selected a new tumble drier and ordered online. Yesterday the old machine was taken to our local recycling centre. Today an empty slot in the kitchen awaits the arrival of the new machine, delivery promised for between 3pm and 7pm. I can hardly wait.

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