cold and me

This morning I am travelling by train ‘beyond up north’ to visit big sis for two weeks. Although the weather in my neck of the woods has been glorious for the past few days, I am packing fleeces, scarves and gloves for the chilly north. I have drawn the line at including my furry winter slippers but it was a close call.

English people frequently tell me that since I hail from Scotland I should be used to the cold but for me that has never been true and I do not take kindly to even a slight drop in ambient temperature. Perhaps I have a faulty internal thermostat but I detest being cold and when I am, I become grumpy and as miserable as the weather itself.

Whatever the weather during this trip, it will as usual, be secondary to the visit itself but if it becomes too cold for comfort, I can simply stay indoors and use Dave Dog as a body warmer.



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