what Olympics?

Yesterday evening I returned home after two lovely weeks with big sis and Dave dog. I must be the only person in the UK who has not watched one moment of the Olympics – not even the opening ceremony which big sis and I missed because we were busy catching up with each other. JP told me that the ceremony had been worth watching but he deleted the recording he made of it and I can’t find it on BBC IPlayer. No doubt a DVD will eventually be released…

My bookcase and little two-seater sofa bed arrived when I was away. I had expected to spend time assembling them today but bless him, JP had done the job for me already so while he watched more of the olympics last night, I filled the bookcase with lots of craft books and then watched a movie from the new sofa. The seating is a little firmer than I remembered it being in the store so I may have to resort to bouncing on it to soften it up – an action I always reprimanded my sons for doing but it is fun – I tried it earlier!

So, instead of building furniture, this afternoon I was able to put my Bernina to the test with some thread painting, or free motion machine embroidery as I know it. Since the process can be accomplished with just a straight and a zig-zag stitch, I was keen to have a go. This is a picture of my first test piece which proves that I’m a novice but I hope to improve with practice! It was all done on a scrap of calico held in a spring hoop using a straight stitch, with a darning foot, feed dogs down, medium to fast speed  and a size 80/12 metallic needle. The threads were made from rayon, cotton, and polyester. Doing this was more fun than bouncing on the sofa but only just!

4 Responses to “what Olympics?”

  1. opusanglicanum Says:

    I haven’t watched any either. I did want to watch the opening ceremony but I was out. I think I watched five minutes of cross country equestrain at the gym, but wiwthout sound

    I love three storey houses

  2. Liz Says:

    Love it! Kirsty Allsop described free motion embroidery as the crack cocaine of the craft world…. is it that good?
    We are off for 10 much needed days away from work. I have a tic in my left eye! It’s that bad….
    But when we get back, let’s plan something.

    L x

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