my brolly cover

I like to use a golf umbrella when it’s raining but I have no means to comfortably carry it – particularly once the rain has stopped and I’m also carrying a handbag and a shopper. For ages I’ve been mulling over something similar to an arrow quiver and yesterday while JP was out for the day, I put my design idea to the test.

It seemed appropriate to have umbrellas on the outside of the quiver so I spent several hours drawing and machine embroidering them on a scrap of white cotton curtain lining fabric. This gave me excellent additional practice at machine embroidery but after a couple of hours of non-stop sewing I had to resort to using my magnifying lamp as I was having difficulty focusing on the smaller details! A length of fabric strapping, a couple of D rings and an old buckle made a shoulder strap. Big sis had given me some plastic sheeting and that’s what I used as a waterproof inner layer.

By the time I was putting it all together I was tired so perhaps it’s not quite as well constructed as it could be and I think it looks a little amateurish so I’m not sure if I’ll actually use it but then again it will give me hand freedom and I’ll have somewhere to put a soggy brolly when I’m inside a shop so who knows …

I like it when people write to me

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