disaster reconstructed!

I made a cork pinboard a couple of months ago but it’s been a bit of a disaster. Imagine a straight-sided shallow square tray-like wooden box with an abstract image on the outside face and you’ll know what my ‘naked’ pinboard was like. It was an ideal size and shape and only cost a couple of pounds from a charity shop. I stuck cork over the image with PVA glue and it held just fine but the cork wasn’t deep enough to hold any pins securely so I added a layer of self-adhesive cork and it looked terrific but after a few days it began to bubble away from the first layer in different places and things I pinned to the board would suddenly explode outwards onto the floor or my work surface. It has become a daily chore to pick up pins and press the cork back into place. So much for self-adhesion!

This morning as more pins and paper shot out over my laptop, I decided that maybe I should just bite the bullet and buy a ready-made pinboard but I couldn’t tell from the images on the internet what the quality was like and I like a challenge so I had a re-think about how I might tame my home-made one.

I scored the board into four sections, carefully peeled back the top layer of the not so self-adhesive cork and restuck it using a glue gun. In some places I couldn’t stick the layers back together quickly enough, so there are lumps of cooled glue between the layers. I couldn’t peel the top layer off a second time so I was stuck with the lumps. Ho hum. Solution – use sraps of cork left over from the original build and stick them on at a jaunty angle in an attempt to hide the bumps but also to add depth. I’d also now had to resort to using PVA glue as the glue gun trigger wouldn’t take up a new glue stick and it just wasn’t possible to hold the gun, manually feed the glue stick and gradually stick down the cork whilst the glue was hot, with only two hands. Much sighing at this point. Image 1 below is what it looked like.


Pathetic. A ten year-old could have done better. I either now needed something to cover the cork and so hide my poor workmanship or admit  defeat and consign the whole lot to the bin. More sighing and drumming of fingers on the work bench whilst I pondered my next course of action… Aha! I found a couple of yards of white felt which I had no other use for so I roughly cut two layers and stretched them over the front and sides, stapling all round the back edge (image 2). It looks good from the front and the pins sink in much further than before but will it pass the explosion test? It’s been more than half and hour and nothing has popped so far! Eureka! I think I’ve done it! I can put the safety glasses away!


2 Responses to “disaster reconstructed!”

  1. Liz Says:

    You are so creative. I would have binned it once it started exploding. Glad you had a good day at The Globe. It is on our to do list. x

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