yet another storage solution

This morning JP and I went to look for a new sofa. We tried lots but the only one JP really liked cost just-leave-your-credit-card-at-the-counter bucks and although it would fit in our lounge, we’d have to demolish a wall to get it into the flat so that was a ‘no’ then. More showrooms tomorrow….

As my local Hobbycraft branch is in the same retail park we were in, I just had to nip in! Honestly! I did really need to go in because I’m making a shirt but had run out of interfacing. While I was waiting for the assistant to key in the handwritten sales code, I had a quick look around (as we all do) and saw something that would solve a little storage problem I’ve been having. I had every intention of making something to hold long things like my rulers and cardboard tube inners etc but now I don’t need to! I don’t know what this container was designed for but it suits my needs to a T and it even has handles!

I also had a lovely conversation with the friendly lady at the tillpoint who also does craft stuff. She has just recently retired like me and has a craft room like me, but is loving working part-time amongst the craft supplies (who of us wouldn’t!). It might be nice to chat again and compare crafts and the joys of retirement, so if you’re reading this Sue and you fancy a natter sometime, get in touch!

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2 Responses to “yet another storage solution”

  1. sueth64 Says:

    Hi there – .- It was lovely to chat with a like minded crafter and I’m really pleased the ‘pot’ looks so good and is proving useful…. loving my job but can’t keep ‘craft focussed’ because there’s so much to look at at work!! (Not to mention being paid to knit a mug cosy……) pinch me I must be dreaming…

    hope to catch up soon

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