new use for old bobbins -2

In a spare hour today, I covered the bobbin drawer pulls I made yesterday, using scraps of leather.  I tried several methods:
1 – The glue gun method. This was the least successful. There wasn’t enough time before the glue cooled to be able to secure the turning and the whole process was fiddly and inaccurate.
2 – The drawstring method. I sewed a running stitch around the edge then gathered the leather over the bobbin end. This was still a bit fiddly and not that easy to finish off.
3 – The no sew method. I cut a slightly bigger circle and simply secured it around the bobbin shank with a binding of strong thread.
The images show method 3 – less mess, easy to do and the quickest of all 3.

I like it when people write to me

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