a new shopper

Before I started in my last job, I bought a generous sized shopper in which to carry my lunch, my Kindle, my brolly, anything I might buy during a swift lunch-time foray to the shops and my cardi if the weather forced me to peel off a layer (twice only).  Now, after nearly five years of continuous use and my recent retirement, my trusty indestructable shopper has itself been retired. Each time I now leave home, I don’t need to carry everything that I did before but I have only one handbag large enough to carry a brolly, and additionally, as I have not yet been classified as a full-blown hermit, I still need a shopper from time to time.


There are loads of bag patterns on the internet but I decided to design and sew my own – see the image below for the end result. I machine-quilted the leaves only, prefering to leave the background plain. Inside, there are two zipped pockets – one small and one the width of the bag. I included an upright bottomless tube pocket too at one side – just for my brolly! I used to get so fed up digging for my brolly amongst everything else at the bottom of my old shopper so a designated brolly pocket had to be an essential element of the design. I don’t really have a fixation on brollies but most women who live in rainy climates would agree that brolly storage in a handbag is something rarely considered by handbag designers!


I don’t yet know how much my new bag will comfortably hold, but it might serve as both handbag and shopper at the same time. When I’d finished it, I came across some forgotten upholstery fabric which would be just right for a ‘winter’ shopper so once I’ve gotten some other unfinished projects out of the way, I might have a go at one and fine-tune my pattern and construction methods at the same time, perhaps adding a top closure for added security.

2 Responses to “a new shopper”

  1. e1aine Says:

    This is beautiful, I love it. You really are very clever.

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