out with the old!

I’ve been busy making jewellery this week. Well, not so much making as re-making. I came across a bag of bits and pieces I’d made, some of which were just ‘technique tester’ pieces and others which turned out alright but were never worn. My style of clothing has changed since I first began making jewellery and some pieces just don’t look right with an outfit of over-shirt and casual trousers – my normal daily attire these days. Even though I’ve made bracelets, I’ve never been fond of them – too much clanking and clinking on my desk! So, I turned two bracelets into necklaces of a sort and now I might actually wear them! The red and grey piece was made from scratch yesterday because I was in the mood to make.

The rings are covered in silk floss for another necklace which is still just at the ‘might be able to make something from these’ stage. I need to wrap a load more rings though, at the moment they look like Olympic rings leftovers so my final eureka moment might take a while yet. I have loads more floss in other beautiful colours but I don’t own a yarn swift so winding it onto a spool so that I can sew with it is extremely difficult. I’ve seen a simple Amish-design swift on Amazon and my mind is already trying to figure out what I might have available to make my own version – suggestions welcome! (Swift images courtesy of Wikipedia and Amazon)



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