Am I supposed to ache like this?

I am considerably less flexible than I was fifteen years ago which was when I last went to yoga classes, and now I have more spare time, I thought I’d try yoga again as a way to stop the rot (or at least slow it down). The class runs for six weeks followed by a week off and I joined in week six. Last week was the break week so it’s been a fortnight since I was requested to stretch more than I normally do or to contort myself in ways that my body is not used to. I meant to practice before today’s class, but I only did so mentally. After this morning’s class, the backs of my thighs are telling me that between classes practice is definitely in order!

When I joined two weeks ago, I had expected at least a dozen pupils but there were in fact only two other registered ladies, one of whom failed to arrive and at the end of the class, the other lady said that she couldn’t come for the next six week block. When I arrived this morning I was told that I was the only attendee today and that I might be the only one for the rest of the term. Fabulous – one to one tuition without having to pay personal trainer rates! The possible downside of course is that the class might be pulled altogether so I have offered to distribute some fliers after next week’s class in the hope that other pupils can be found. I would be sorry to have to give it up so soon after starting.

Tomorrow JP and I are off to Brighton for a few days. We plan to visit the Royal Pavilion and perhaps a nearby National Trust property or two but mainly it’s just a break while the weather holds. It’s an opportunity to take photographs too and of course I’ve already ear-marked a craft shop or two in the vicinity…

2 Responses to “Am I supposed to ache like this?”

  1. Liz Says:

    BRIGHTON….enjoy. I can recommend Cuckmere Haven for a lovely view of the seven sisters (from the Golden Galleon pub side of the walk) xx

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