job half done

I have anguished over curtain linings for a few weeks now. Our bedroom window drips with condensation in the winter no matter what we might do to try to prevent it and earlier in the year I noticed that the curtain linings were mildew spotted  as a result so I ripped off and disposed of the offending yardage intending to refill the gap soon after. I duly bought replacement lining but it remained in the bag until yesterday morning. It’s been easy to find excuses not to start this job – I needed ladders which were four floors down;  the curtains are long, heavy and unwieldy; I might not have enough space to sew them; it will take hours and be awkward to repair them – you get the picture. Yesterday I suddenly decided that there was no time like the present for getting the job done because until I did, I couldn’t really justify beginning anything new.
At the outset I was prepared to construct the patch of lining in the same way as the original lining, i.e. matching the original seams and pieces but then I decided it just wasn’t worth the time and effort so I just made a large rectangle and sewed it to what was left of the original lining. Who will ever see my efforts except me and JP? Well of course, you all know about it now but you can’t see the lining and our nearest neighbours would need binoculars to do so, so they don’t count. While I was at it, I shortened the curtain length a little as they’ve always brushed the floor and I often wondered if this helps to encourage the condensation.
The other curtain will have to wait until tomorrow as I only had time to do one curtain yesterday and this morning I met up with my fellow crafter friend for a crafty chat and lots of laughter over tea. This afternoon I’ve been browsing through a Kaffe Fassett knitting book I found in a charity shop at the tail-end of the morning and I doubt that I’ll ever knit anything from this book but the pictures and the lovely colour combos might inspire me to do something crafty at a future date and even if they don’t, the book was a bargain at £1.50.


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