scissors anyone?

The other day I was dividing bits and bobs into two containers and realised that I had quite a few pairs of scissors, collected over more than thirty years and used for various different purposes, the latest and largest being a purchase of wallpaper cutters only last week and a real bargain at £1.  There’s also a pair or two in a kitchen drawer and I haven’t included nail scissors or the ones in the first aid kit or the others in the bathroom …

I then counted my measuring tapes and found that I have eight of the dressmaking variety plus two heavy duty metal spring-loaded ones for woodworky stuff and of course several rulers of different materials and lengths. How many scissors and rulers/tapes do you have?

When I saw this shirt in a charity shop yesterday I knew it would be the replacement of a dull drab lining in a fleece I wear quite often. It was washed, dried, cut out and sewn from late afternoon until evening and I might wear it today when I’m out! Not bad for £1.99!

2 Responses to “scissors anyone?”

  1. e1aine Says:

    Yup, very, very clever!

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