another grand day out

I had a day out in London yesterday to meet up with my friend L who is a brilliant crocheter amongst other things. Our first stop was the tearoom at the Wallace Collection on Marlborough Square for two very pricey pots of Earl Grey tea and slice of cake. Still, the Collection is free to see and well worth a visit and they didn’t seem to mind that we sat there for over two hours without ordering anything else (L and I had a lot of catching up to do!).
I thoroughly recommend a visit to the Wallace Collection – there’s something here for everyone to enjoy in this former house. The wallcoverings and window dressings in each room are worth a close look too and the chains from which the heavy pictures are suspended have been painted the same colour as the walls (must have been a woman who thought of that trick!). The Laughing Cavalier by Frans Hals is there and it was fantastic to get up close and study the brush strokes in detail, but for me, the highlight of everything we saw had to be the small painting The Hired Assassins by (Jean-Louis-) Ernest Meissonier. The detail in that was phenomenal and I could happily have lifted it from the wall and studied it for hours with a magnifying glass but I thought that someone would object. I want this picture hanging in my home – the image below doesn’t do it justice!

The Hired Assassins
On the way back to Oxford St, we passed one of Marilyn’s Shoes in a window display. There were too many reflections from the plate glass windows to be able to take a decent photo but I found this image on which illustrates how just big the shoes are. Joana Vasconcelos made them from pots and pans and lids – brilliant!

We had a late lunch and loads more chat in John Lewis before heading for the craft department (where else?) for a drool over the wool and I just couldn’t resist buying some more for my crochet wip. L was very circumspect and didn’t buy any because she’s already got tons of wool at home. Our final destination was Liberty’s with its fabulous fabric and more glorious wool but we were both good and didn’t buy anything.
On the train back home I crocheted until I ran out of wool but I did get quite a few of these little medallions made during both journeys. I thought they might add an extra dimension to the throw I’m making but I could change my mind!

Thank you L for another great relaxing day – I’m already looking forward to our next day out. Hope you feel 100% fit again soon. A huge thanks too for explaining why I should block my crochet squares  – I think it will be a must for this project!

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