my first crocheted throw

Today I finished the throw I’ve been crocheting and it didn’t turn out too badly so I thought Icould risk a public viewing. I blocked my squares on L’s advice and it made a huge difference (thanks again L for that tip!).  A loose zig-zaggy kind of crocheting  joins the squares because I didn’t want a right or wrong side or obvious raised borders between squares. The zig-zag method also seems to keep the texture of the whole thing open and soft. The little medallions I made on my train journeys last week were intended for the four-way joins but they just won’t look right on this so I’ll have to think of something else to use them for. Ideas on a postcard please …


I’m not going to point out the obvious defects in this, the largest crochet article I have ever made and some crocheters out there would scoff at my attempt. I know that it wouldn’t win any prizes. In fact, it probably wouldn’t even be allowed to enter any competition but I quite enjoyed making it and may even attempt something a little more adventurous next time, whenever that might be. When all the squares were piled up waiting to be sewn together, JP scathingly said they were ‘a bit dull looking’ but when I casually threw the finished product over the arm of the sofa this afternoon, he said it looked good, so I took that as meaning that it can remain in situ!  Hoorah!


In case you’re interested, I used a mix of Debbie Bliss Riva and Rico Design Creative Melange Chunky. These twobrands mean absolutely nothing to me and I chose them purely for the delicious variegated colours and texture, neither of which is done suitable justice in my photograph. Oh, and I also chose them mainly because I could use a large crochet hook and get it done that much quicker!


2 Responses to “my first crocheted throw”

  1. Liz Says:

    It is lovely and looks great on the sofa. Well done for doing it so fast….I managed to finish the cowl and wore it to work yesterday!

    • crunchnrustle Says:

      Thanks, but I’ve a way to go to reach your skill level! You or one of the girls must now model the cowl and then post a picture of it to really show it off.

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