my personal shopper

Another lovely day out yesterday, this time with a friend that I have in the past referred to as my personal shopper. She’s The Glamorous S and her paid job is something quite different but when we’re out together she has the knack of being able to find fantastic bargains for me. Alas, yesterday was not one of those days for either of us. I bought a few Christmas pressies for other people but the only things I bought for myself were some replacement craft supplies and a new pair of winter gloves. Oh yeah, and a sweater – it’s blue – what more do I need to say? We won’t be able to meet up again until the New Year so I’ve plenty of time to think about what bargains might be available for The Glamorous S to discover on my behalf in the January sales!

When I was selecting a stitch for the scarf, I discounted a couple because they were described as Tunisian, for which it seemed I required a long crochet hook which I did not possess. I had never before heard of Tunisian crochet but I was intrigued by the method so I bought a hook of suitable length (35cm!) yesterday and watched a little vid about the method on the journey home via my phone (dontcha just love modern technology?). I’m keen to give this type of crochet a try and if I don’t like it I’ll have purchased a handy back scratcher.
I crocheted like mad on both my train journeys and managed eleven inches (28cm) worth from the red marker, but the little ball of wool in the photograph is all that I have left so it won’t end up as a scarf but looking at it now, I’ve had a better idea for it. Watch this space!

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