It’s nearly November. Today is foggy, as it was for most of yesterday and I doubt there is any likelihood of sunshine later. Last night I was sure that I heard a fog horn sounding several times but as I don’t live anywhere near a shipping lane it’s extremely unlikely.  More likely it was someone who thought the whole street all ought to share in his or her party hooter revellery.

I like all the seasons of the year but winter is way down my favourites list along with cold custard and damp socks. I like winter least of all because the slightest drop in temperature has me running for an extra layer of clothing or the nearest heat source (preferably both) in order to warm my chilly bones. My family are amused by this and don’t understand why being a Scot, I am not used to the cold. Ha! If I could answer that one my fortune would be guaranteed! According to the thermometer on the workroom window, the current temperature is 15 degrees celcius. This is below my comfort level but not yet cold enough to warrant turning on the heater. JP on the other hand is at present in the living room watching television whilst ironing, (bless him), the balcony window is open to the elements and he is wearing only a short-sleeved t-shirt on his torso whilst I am clad in a heavy weight t-shirt, the blue cardi-jacket that was the revamp of a few weeks ago and furry slippers.


The colour of my fingers is fading to a zombielike hue and I’m thinking that fingerless gloves would be a good thing to be wearing if I want to continue to type but unless I can knit or crochet a pair in the blink of an eye, I shall instead have to continue to intermittently wrap my hands around my mug and forego the drinking of the tea therein but since the coldest parts of my hands are the backs and I have not yet devised a way to wrap those around a mug, I shall press the publish button and move to the kitchen in the hope that a bowl of hot soup will raise my skin temperature by a few degrees.

I’m also revising that favourites list. Days like today puts autumn only slightly above and overlapping with winter. I hate being cold. Hope it’s pleasant where you are right now.

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