educated in an afternoon

Quilt, the first,

and the following is how I imagine a quilting teacher would report on my efforts:

“This is considered a beginner’s project and should have been well within Crunchnrustle’s capabilities. She has spent many hours researching quilting via YouTube videos, books, blogs, and magazines, so she knew what skills and equipment would be required. She was also aware that she did not have a stash of standard quilting fabrics but went ahead anyway. The use of different fabric weights and textures has contributed to the skewing of the quilt. C only used a long narrow metal ruler as a cutting aid which she says was difficult to hold still against the rotary cutter and claims that this must be why the books are curving out of shape and why the shelf appears to be warped but this may just be an excuse for inaccurate measurement and a desire to make the quilt in one afternoon.


C had also recently discovered a quilting blog which provided demonstrations of hundreds of quilt stitches but she did not bother to practice any of them at any time, as is evidenced by the lack of consistency in the background quilting pattern size. The only redeeming feature of the whole quilt is the hand and machine embroidery on three of the book spines.
I suggest that if C intends to undertake any further quilting projects, she practices some basic stitches on a regular basis and builds a stash of fat quarters as well as purchasing a quilting ruler. I am undecided as to whether this quilt deserves a pass mark.”


I am as ever, undeterred.  I have even added quilting as a category in my blog so I guess that sub-consciously I intend to begin another quilting project, but not today – a crochet hook, wool, and a new pattern are tempting me. This first quilt will remain on view to remind me that it is not possible to become a master craftsman without first being an apprentice. Still, you gorra have a go, dontcha?  And I did learn a lot. Loads in fact, none of which will go to waste. Do you quilt? Was your first effort a success? Do tell.

Leah Day’s blog supplied all the little videos on the stitches I have spent hours just watching, fascinated by her talent. If you want to do the bookshelf quilt project yourself, the instructions can be found at Don’t Call Me Betsy.

5 Responses to “educated in an afternoon”

  1. e1aine Says:

    I love it! The design is brilliant, my friend is making me a quilt right now and I so wish I’d thought to ask her for a bookshelf!

  2. Liz Says:

    Pretty good work girl. You are hard on yourself. I love the background quilting stitch – it is such a nice idea.

    L x

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