more crochet

A lot of last week was spent crocheting. A beret for Miss P was the first item but there was just too much slouch in it so that will be remade. Miss P didn’t mind the crocheted scarf I had also made, but there’s not much that can go wrong when crocheting a scarf is there? I’ve asked for head measurements before I start on beret v2!
Next up was a crocheted sphere. The idea being that if it was as easy to make as the pattern suggested, I could turn them out by the shed load for Christmas tree decorations. As you can see from the image, that won’t be happening any time soon. Once stuffed, the shapes revealed their true form – anything but spherical and the larger one definitely looks as if it’s been sat on…
The final crochet attempt was a snowflake, but I haven’t blocked it yet and I’ve never seen a blue snowflake so I don’t suppose that will end up as a tree decoration either.
What do we call gloves that only have the tips of the fingers and thumb missing? I’ve always known them as fingerless gloves but strictly speaking, they’re not, are they? Whatever they are, (tipless gloves?), they’re what I next attempted as a solution for cold hands while I sit at my laptop of a chilly morning. I won’t be making the second glove for several reasons – I ran out of those colours (fortunately!), it feels strange not having the tips of my fingers covered and the finger stalks are too long (I can feel the cast-off row against the mouse). This was was an excellent exercise as I had not knitted gloves on two pins before but I think I still prefer them knitted on four pins – no seams to sew badly!

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