avoiding the flares

The following is what happens when you tell someone that you’ll make them something you’ve never attempted before.

All I wanted to do was crochet a simple flat beret of the sort that French men are seen wearing when riding a bike and carrying onions and long sticks of bread although I’m not sure if they actually still do/did. Anyway… I didn’t want any fancy stitch combos in the pattern, surmising that crocheting in the round would tax my powers of concentration enough. How difficult could it be?
I selected a pattern which I could understand and followed it carefully but **by the time I’d gotten to the decrease stage, what should have been as flat as a vinyl record looked more like a rah rah skirt. No matter how much I pulled and stretched it, I could not eliminate the waves so I unravelled it back to just before the start of the flaring and tried again. **
Now repeat from ** to ** several times then rip it back completely and look for another pattern.
The second pattern choice was no better so I repeated from ** to ** several times more. I was now on my fifth or sixth attempt and thoroughly fed up. Had I not promised Miss P a beret, I might have run off there and then to gratefully donate my crochet hooks to a charity shop, promising myself to avoid crochet and crochet related pattern/blog/website for the rest of my life.
After an hour or so I decided I had nothing to lose by attempting to crochet the beret without a pattern of any sort. I began with six double crochets (UK) in a magic circle, increasing as and when I thought it was needed and as long as it continued to lay flat, I just kept on crocheting until it was of sufficient diameter. This ‘pattern’ worked best of all and the finished product does resemble a beret. I even gave it a little stalk like the French berets have. I’m quite pleased with it but that might just be relief that it does resemble what I had originally intended. More importantly, Miss P says she likes it. I hope she wasn’t just being kind… Beret anyone?

2 Responses to “avoiding the flares”

  1. Liz Says:

    OK now write down the pattern for us all because I want a flat beret too and this is lovely!! Did you look on ravelry for patterns? It is worth having a peek at.

    L x

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