Big sis and I went to the NEC at Birmingham on Friday for a look round the crafts and art fairs. We were slightly disappointed in that it seemed to be aimed mainly at card makers but we still managed to buy one or two bits and pieces.

The stall that I liked best of all was Michael Powell’s Cross Stitch Art. Mr P does fantastic paintings and drawings which he then turns into cross-stitch patterns and sells as kits. I don’t do cross-stitch but I’ve never before been so tempted to try it as a result of seeing the completed kits displayed and talking to the man himself. It was a difficult decision I admit but I cannot justify yet another craft hobby so I settled for a few gift cards instead. His website is well worth a look even if you don’t cross stitch.

Yesterday evening big sis and I made four pairs of little skates as tree decorations. I found the idea on the internet but didn’t take note of the source so apologies to the originator for not being able to give a link back. The cards behind the skates are the Michael Powell ones that I bought.
As I write this, big sis is sitting behind me, crocheting a snowball to complete the wintry scene although it looks like it might end up full size whereas the skates are only  3″ tall…

I like it when people write to me

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