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I always claim not to be joined at the hip to the internet but when the connection goes down as it did again this week, I realise just how much I miss it when it isn’t available.  After three and a half days of failed attempts at re-establishing our connection to the wider world, it was time to bite the bullet and replace the router. It took hardly any time to get the new one up and running and all is well once more except that I am no longer able to print anything unless I use a cable to connect printer with laptop. JP on the other hand is still able to print wirelessly…

Apart from remembering how much fitter I was when information gathering meant regular long walks to the local library and communication between friends and family involved paper, a pen, an envelope and a stamp, plus a walk to the post box, I’ve been making a few more Christmas decorations, finishing one crocheted scarf and beginning another and trying but not yet succeeding, in narrowing down ideas for a quilt project. Something that must take priority however, is finding a suitable pattern for the lovely mohair boucle wool that I received yesterday from Moonpenny. Gloves or socks perhaps?

I like it when people write to me

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