noise and dust

It’s been a noisy week here. A flat on the floor below ours has been having major re-vamp work and the noise of walls being demolished and drills whirring and whining for eight hours a day is no fun. Added to that, we have had electricians and plumbers in our own flat although their noise levels have been much more tolerable. Following our decision not to replace a wall light which was demolished by two burly removal men taking a sofa to a charity organisation, we compiled a list of other electrical and plumbing works that needed doing and a little over a week ago, the work began.

Downlighters are now sparkling, and brightening our windowless hallway. The inadequate kitchen water heater has been moved to the bathroom where it’s a delight to have water in the basin that is actually hot rather than just luke-warm. A more powerful water heater has been installed under the kitchen sink but is not yet operational even though the electrician says it is receiving power and the plumber says that the water pressure is more than adequate. A replacement unit has been ordered but is not likely to be fitted until Monday or Tuesday next week. (Only when hot water isn’t available at the turn of a tap do we realise how much we normally take our automatic supply of it for granted.) After much discussion and research, a suitable heater has also been ordered for the bathroom.

Installing downlighters involved hacking plaster from walls and drilling holes into the ceiling. I’m not a DIY virgin so I know that any work involving plaster is messy and dusty, and little globules of semi-dried plaster will later be found in the most unlikely places but I was a tad upset (to put it mildly), to find that in his haste to enlarge a cavity in the wall, the electrician had not first of all laid a dust sheet over the carpet.  When I discovered this and expressed my annoyance, he merely said “Ah. I put your door mat down. I thought that would be enough.” He redeemed himself (slightly) by soon clearing up the mess with his own industrial-type vacuum otherwise I might just have upset him in turn by deciding to deduct from his final bill, the cost of having the carpet professionally cleaned.

Despite the upheaval in the flat and the contents of various cupboards strewn around the floors so that the electrician and plumber can get to fuseboards and pipes etc., I have managed to do a bit of crafting this week – more Christmas puds and a robin, some crochet, and the tweaking of a quilt design. I’d forgotten how much I actually enjoy hand sewing and embroidery until I began the tree decorations and will attempt cross-stitch again as soon as big sis sends me the sewing room piece that she says she’ll never finish.

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