priorities sorted

Having decided a while back that I’d concentrate only on one project at a time, I find myself again with several currently on the go. The highest priority ought to be given to the table decoration for Christmas Eve dinner because once that’s done it can be put to one side both physically and mentally. I have a vague picture in my mind of how it might look but already that’s in re-think mode as the bronze spray paint I used on the pine cones yesterday looks more like dull copper.

Next will be to finalise the battle plan for the dinner itself. The bp first came into being three Christmas Eves ago. Up until then, by the time I normally sat down to eat, my personal supply of good cheer was all but depleted. With the bp I don’t get so flustered, annoyed or tired and I can actually enjoy the evening. (If you want to know how to work out a bp of your own, just ask and I’ll let you know how mine works – it’s not complicated.) There are only six of us at the table but four of us will be eating beef, one will eat turkey and one will have nut loaf, each with its own gravy.  Why do I bother with three options? Because I enjoy a challenge, and for our family, this meal is our equivalent to the traditional British Christmas Day dinner so each diner should have the main of his or her choice.

This meal also calls for the table to be decorated to a level equaling that of any five star restaurant (!) and be given additional seasonal bling. The table cloth and mats are colour co-ordinated according to the cracker design*, glassware and cutlery are vigorously polished and placed with precision, candles are lit and linen napkins are folded into decorous arrangements (but then re-ironed and folded into something flatter and less complicated so that there is room for the crackers). And of course, let’s not forget the table decoration, over which I will have spent several hours despairing of ever getting it to look presentable.
*This year I was convinced that we had bought black and gold coloured crackers so I made a table cloth and runner in those colours. A week later I discovered that the crackers were in fact white and gold but it’s too late now to change either crackers or table linen.

Christmas Day this year will be different to previous years as both sons will wake up in their own homes to start forging their own Christmas Day traditions. I expect that JP and I will still have a breakfast of bubble and squeak made from Christmas Eve leftovers, together with a glass of champagne. Fish finger sandwiches for Christmas Day dinner is pretty much the norm too and I see no reason to change that.  However you and yours celebrate Christmas, I hope it’s enjoyable and happy. The diet starts in the New Year.


2 Responses to “priorities sorted”

  1. Liz Says:

    Have a lovely time at Christmas. Way, way behind here, all a bit manic really. Hope to see you in Jan?

    L xx

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