I am resolved

In the past, at the start of each new year, I made a list of New Year Resolutions (NYRs) but over the years, whenever I turned the calendar page over to find that it was nearly time for yet another NYR list to be compiled, I would remember that I had not in fact succeeded with any of those on the existing list. All I could therefore envisage for the coming year was more self-denial and heavier doses of guilt as well as lavish self-promises to do better next year.

After many years of this consistent failure with NYRs, I concluded that the list itself might be the problem. Perhaps there were too many resolutions and I was simply setting myself up to fail as a result, in which case why not begin afresh with just one NYR instead of several? Nearly twenty years ago that’s exactly what I did and I haven’t failed yet because not only is there just one resolution, it’s the same one every year – “Don’t make any New Year Resolutions this year”.

How do you fare in the NYR stakes?


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