spacebars and steam

My spacebar still wasn’t working properly even after the keyboard had dried out so I removed the key and cleaned out the accumulated dirt. Unfortunately, after replacing it, the bar was rocking from side to side and would only function if I pressed it right in the middle. This was awkward as the key is set off-centre to the left and I only ever use my right thumb to press it. Looking on the net this morning for a replacement similar keyboard but unable to decide on one, I took the key off again and realised that the small metal bar on the underside of the key should have been clipped in to a couple of retainers on the base before pressing the key into its final position. Once that was done, the key worked perfectly and I saved myself some money!

The iron that I use in the workroom fell from a shelf approximately two feet above the carpeted floor but this was distance enough to damage the button that gives an instant burst of steam. The button was stuck down in the ‘on’ position which was a nuisance. Yesterday I removed the steam button and found a broken piece inside, which when undamaged, was the piece that kept the button in the upright position. Not having the requisite tools to dismantle the iron any further, this was my solution, which works just fine and even moves back into the ‘off’ position when I take my thumb off …



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